The "Chili Line" (DRG&W, 0n3)

The original "Chili Line" was the Santa Fe Branch of the DRG/DRG&W railroad in the southwest of the USA. The line was 3 foot narrow gauge and ceased operation already in 1941.

Emerging from a hidden storage track my"Chili-Line" in 1:48 Scale soon reaches "Espanola". It crosses the Rio Grande and arrives at "Embudo" (the famous cobblestone station). From there the rails climb up "Barranca Hill" with a 4% grade.
(Barranca Hill)
Up on the mesa the trains reach "Taos Junction" where a logging branch ends. The mainline continues to a hidden storage track. (All drawings by Wolfgang Bertle, Reutlingen).

A few fotos can be seen in the slideshow "Chili Line".

What happened to the "Chili-Line" Layout in the meantime? Well, it was dismantled. What was the reason?
1. I don't like building turnouts ... (now, in 2009, you can by them from San Juan!)
2. 90cm radius was not enough for the big steam locos, like the sunset K28...
3. I wanted to see some more green again ...
==>> Now the "Green Hills RR" is occupying my basement - with RtR equipment, Atlas-O turnouts and green hills....