here some links to info about digitally controlled model railroads and some electronics/software:

...there is more info on the GERMAN version of this page! example for analog wiring

DCC and Arduino

what is DCC?

Android Software to control SRCP servers, for example DDW or MBS1/2/3


A newer development with a DIY hardware based on the CAN-bus is "CBUS", made by the (mostly) UK group MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group), see more here: MERG - CUBUS - Layout Control System.

listening to the CBUS with an Arduino


... is relatively simple system, developed in the 1980 bei the german company "Trix" (now part of Maerklin).

more about Selectrix® ...

Selectrix and Arduino

SX3 PC Software

first O-scale RFID experiences

.... more to come .....

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