"Green Hills RR" (1:48 - amerikanisches Vorbild)

The free lanced GHRR is a small branchline in the Eastern US. Its main purpose is to transport coal from the fields around the "Green Hills" to "East Port" where most of the coal is loaded onto ships.

Track plan
Below you see the schematics of the whole GH RR - the track is completely laid and about half of the layout is finalized, the other half still lacks ballast, detailling and structures. ( "*" marks the actual physical location of the fiddleyard.)

Lets follow the line from the mine to East Port.

Green Hill Mine #2
.. is the major coal shipper for the GHRR

A small station with 4 industries (Pechstein Piano Factory, Phoenix Fuel, Cumberland Great Furniture und Cumberland Steel Co)

Kreuzungsbahnhof mit einem Gleisanschluss "VT General Goods"

East Port
most of the coal is shipped from here - a few industries ("Bad Axe Grain", Morgan Construction, "Freedom Works Inc.") and the "Pier#2" are located here
Pier #2 (on right side of East Port)

... is a hidden staging yard - here the Green Hills RR ends and connects to the B&O
Petersburg (inside the large hill - below "Green Hill Rock")

more to come on this page:
.... motive power on the GHRR
.... operation on the GHRR

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