"Lonestoke West" - UK layout in 7mm scale

"Lonstoke West" is a "Southern" sub-urban Layout in 0-Scale - it is 7 meters long and 60/50 centimeters wide with little fiddleyards on either end.

Here is an overview of the track plan (view: from top)

Theme of the layout is suburban traffic in London (~1974) with "EMU"s (Electrical Multiple Units), a factory and a few shunting tracks add some more operational possibilities.

The factory on the left side also has the task to hide the traverser from the viewer.
The rear tracks are the main tracks, the two tracks at the front are for freight train shunting.
On the right side of the layout (from "viewer" side) there is a platform where the EMU's stop ("end of travel" in the model)
The main tracks are equipped with a (non-operating) 3rd rail.
Roger Murray has built the (LED) colour light signals for this layout.

Slide Shows - More Photos:

  • Lonstoke West (high resolution)
  • Lonstoke West (low resolution)

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