0n3 Rio Blanco Mining & Logging (modular layout)

The "Rio Blanco Mining & Logging" Railroad is a modular layout in 0n3 (3 foot narrow gauge in 1:48 scale).

This layout was shown at the US Convention in Adliswil/Zürich in switzerland in October 2009
The first "Rio Blanco" was just a small (8'x3') mining layout - located in the "wild west". Topics are an impressive Trestle Bridge and a mine - and ore can be loaded on the small narrow-gauge hopper cars.
4 = Mine
9 = Trestle
10 = entrance to the underground return loop and staging
Meanwhile, the layout was "modularized" (we are using a standard "end profile" for example), and significantly expanded. In the meantime the RBM&L also has a logging part with a small logging camp, a few more meters of track and a big fiddle yard. We are running a selection of models like Shays, Climax, Porters, Diesels plus logging flatcars and several types of hoppers to transport the gold ore - many models are built from kits or even scratchbuilt. most rails and turnouts are hand made.
this is the whole layout as displayed in Adliswil:

Dia Shows

  • Rio Blanco M&L (0n3 Layout, high resolution)
  • Rio Blanco M&L (0n3 layout, low resolution)

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