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The Selectrix digital system:
Selectrix™ is a relatively simple system (at least in its original version). There are 112 addresses (also called "channels") with 8 bit data each. These channels are transmitted regularly on the track signal as well as on the "SX bus" (a simple 0/5V bus with clock, data-out and data-in). Each of the addresses can be used for either loco control or turnout or signal control and also for track occupancy detectors. THATS ALL!

The complete state of the system can be displayed easily on the PC screen and there are already some "SX monitors" (mostly freeware) available.

The SX3 program:
Similiar to other programs there is an „SX Monitor“ where you can see the state/data of ALL selectrix channels - all channels with data <>0 are marked yellow - or orange when the data have changed during the last second. (this windows is enabled only in simulation mode or with the Rautenhaus SLX825). In the "SX mode" of displaying the 8 bit data is always shown with the lowest bit (bit 1) first.

In addition to the monitor with „SX3“ you can open more windows to control locos and also turnouts, signals and other accessories.
with another window you can display the state of sensors (note: the address range is 0 to 111 for ALL windows, therefor you can simulate sensors by opening a turnout window on the same address and activate some bits.) This is the "main" window, which handles the connection to the interface, switching on and off the track power and which allows for opening the other windows.

Currently, only the Interfaces from Trix the Rautenhaus SLX825 are supported, the baudrate is fixed to 9600Baud.
There is also a simulation mode , during which the SX data are only saved internally. This allows for testing other SW and useful also when no SX interface is present.
The SRCP server is still in development, it supports locos, turnouts, signals and sensors at the moment ( a note to addressing turnouts, signals and sensors: the SRCP address is built by concatenating SX-address and SX-bit, for example turnout address 883 is SX-Adress 88, bit 3 ).
The SRCP server is working quite error tolerant to be able to be connected from a range of different client software (for example my Android SW) - it does not care what busnumber you select and what "format" you select for and loco and how many speedsteps are used (because SX always uses 31 speed steps). You have to define a list of sensors (in the settings) to make automatic reporting of sensor changes work.

download and installation of SX3 program

Trix and Selectrix are Trademarks of Firma Märklin, Java is a Trademark of Sun/Oracle.

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